Microfluidics for Oncology
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Microfluidics for Oncology

The Microfluidics for Oncology Laboratory is developing new microfluidic solutions for applications primarily in cancer diagnosis and treatment. Over the years, the group has developed a unique expertise in fluid physics and exchange phenomena that it uses to design fundamentally new fluidic processor architectures or to optimize existing processes. We also develop our own solutions for the 3D culture of spheroids and tumour samples, and for treatment response analyses of cancer patients. The open microfluidics concepts we are developing also allow us to consider applications in the field of systems biology and conventional bioassay automation.

MAY 10th, 2022

Génie en images contest. Congratulations to Elena who won the Coup de cœur du public award in the Génie en images contest for her image entitled “A Nebula of Cells”! Her image represents the response to a radiotherapy treatment of each cell forming a 900 µm spheroid.

JANUARY 11TH, 2022

Microfluidic Surface Shields. Congratulations to Oscar for his paper in Physical Review Applied on open-space microfluidics used for the selective shielding of surfaces from flow and diffusion!

AUGUST 21TH, 2021

Comparing tumor explant models. Congratulations to Dina for her paper published in Cancers comparing two tumor explant models, the microdissected tissue and the tissue slices.